The ID+ DESIS Lab is held in the Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture [ID+] which is an organization jointly hosted by two Portuguese institutions: Universidade de Aveiro, Universidade do Porto. This Institute is rooted on the mission to establish effective working ties between Design Research and Institutional Partners towards cultural, economic and social development. The organization of ID+ is based, first and foremost, on a network that links Design, Industry, Culture and Media, based on principles of flexibility, autonomy, efficiency and acknowledgement. In addition, this network invest on national and international academic partners from diverse scientific areas as a clear strategy for broadening its social, cultural and economic impact.
Being ID+ an institution where Social Innovations and Sustainability are assumed as one of the core axis of his investigation, specifically on the Universidade de Aveiro division, there is by now a coherent portfolio of projects where these themes have been developed. Essentially, the studies conducted by our several researchers have been focused on social innovations adesign for sustainability.


  • Stimulate design-led sustainable social change initiatives;
  • To map creative communities by gathering case studies of social innovation in Portugal;
  • Promote social innovations and sustainability among the Portuguese design community.