DESIS (Design for Social Innovation towards Sustainability) is a network of design labs, based in design schools and design-oriented universities, actively involved in promoting and supporting sustainable change.


DESIS Network collaborates with other networks whose focus (such as social innovation, quality of everyday life, design for sustainability, and design school coordination) is complementary to their own. In this spirit, to date, formal agreements have been established with: Social Innovation Exchange (SIX), Sustainable Everyday Project (SEP), Learning Network on Sustainability (LeNS), Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL)and International Association of Universities and Colleges of Design, Art and Media (CUMULUS).

DESIS also establishes special partnerships with private companies, non-profit organizations, foundations and government agencies that share similar views and are willing to co-develop open projects on topics and areas of common interest.

DESIS is endorsed by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP).


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