Media e Perplexidade


Escrutínio e decifração da tensão entre os eixos axiomáticos do design e as suas profundas mudanças contemporâneas de paradigma, vocação e expectativa. Esta decifração ocorre na evidência dos novos media como protagonistas desta mudança, e a eles recorre simultaneamente na urgência da sua comunicabilidade e do cumprimento da sua promessa original de emancipação social e cultural.


Technological Emancipation, Post-Ideological Speculation, Meaning and Loss, Transmedia storytelling


This group is, first and foremost, project-driven and network-based. A governance structure is intended as a means of maintaining scientific and strategic continuity of what should, in essence, be a point of convergence for research projects sharing a common territory of knowledge and enquiry.

Group Coordinator elected by the Scientific Committee, two-year renewable term;
Scientific Committee formed by all integrated members;
Project coordinators emerge out of the projects themselves;
Plenary meetings with all members of the group (bi-yearly).

Therefore, the main driving element of the group’s development will be an annual forum that will gather researchers, students and external civic and entrepreneurial agents around the subject of contemporary media challenges of a civic, social and cultural nature. This will be the main, albeit evidently not exclusive, catalyst of social incorporation of the knowledge stemming out of the projects under development by the research group.

Additionally, the group considers the implementation of a “research culture” one of its main priorities. With this in mind, a daily coexistence in a lab environment that opens its doors to researchers, partners and PhD students is an essential ingredient to the success of a fertile research hub.

Lastly, the group acknowledges its potential to act as an incubator of research projects that may in due time become autonomous research groups themselves.

Membros integrados

António Manuel Dias Costa Valente
Susana Cruz Barreto
João Adriano Fernandes Rangel
João José Gonçalves de Barros Cruz
Pedro Alexandre Santos Carvalho de Almeida
Nuno Duarte Martins

Estudantes de Doutoramento

Anselmo Neto Ferreira Canha
Fátima Silva São Simão
José Manuel da Silva Fernandes de Carvalho Carneiro
Julio Fernando Dolbeth e Costa Henriques da Silva
Daniel da Cruz Brandão
Yoad David Luxembourg
dula maria bento de lima
Nuno Filipe Correia de Lacerda Matos Bento
Jorge Manuel Lopes Brandão Pereira
Cláudia Raquel Marques Martins Lima
Maria Luisa Gomes do Valle e Vasconcellos
Carla Mónica da Silva Santos
Marta Isabel Mesquita Varzim Miranda
Nuno Alexandre Fragata Marques
Alexandra Marieiro Cabral
Pedro Miguel de Sá Andrade Teixeira
Maria Inês dos Santos Laranjeira
André Rosado Chora Monteiro da Rocha
Olga Glumac
José Luís Tavares Pereira da Silva
Ece Canli
Jelena Savic
Celeste Maria Lourenço da Silva de Oliveira Pedro
Nelma João da Silva Ferreira
Ana Maria Santos Lima

Outros investigadores

Ana Isabel da Silva Carvalho
Clara Alexandra de Sousa Gonçalves
Lino Miguel de Sousa Teixeira
Ricardo Lafuente Monteiro


One of the key barometers of contemporaneity is vertigo (subjective, ubiquitous and endlessly re-configurable) of participatory media in face of its apparent orthodoxy and the determinism of its use.

The geo-political and geo-economic contexts have been revealing a need for the re-thinking of prior structural models of social fabric.

The concept of emancipation, individual and communal, existential and financial, through the creative functions of media, is intuitively foreseen as a possibility worthy of testing, recognition, inscription, aggregation and implementation.

Media and Perplexity thus proposes to contribute to the following:

  • The decipherment of contemporary social, cultural and myhtological paradoxes.
  • The capacitation of citizens in their relational ambivalence with the vertigo of contemporary culture.
  • The legitimisation of multiple value systems and cultural production models
  • The calibration of contemporary media through projects that engage with factors of accessibility, horizontality, expectation, geometry, narrative, speculation, oneiricism.
  • The scrutiny of the phenomenon whereby the current employment of word and image are mechanisms for the paralysis of action.
  • The fostering of tangible citizen involvement in the development of social models
  • The scrutiny and taxonomy of analogue heritage in face of its partial absence and impossibility of digital translation.
  • A contextual harmonization between the axiomatic aspects of design and their current, unpredictable paradigm shifts.

Furthermore, these objectives will be pursued within contextual frameworks that will provide both a series of environments subject to ethnographic scrutiny, whose scale may be further expanded, and a series of multi-disciplinary environments where design may both legitimise its value in face of other disciplines, and acquire a fuller understanding of its own current boundaries.


Some ongoing PhD Research:

  • The Interactive Documentary: identity and practice.
  • Simulation and Cinematography in the space of the Painting.
  • Kinetic Anthropology, interpenetrating subsystems relations between life and image.
  • BETWEEN (the creative process and the meta-language).
  • The use of web platforms on the communicative practices of Portuguese public libraries.
  • Museum of Ransom: the aggregation of heritage of daily amateur video.
  • The contribution of communication design as a strategic constituent for the development of organizations – the input of digital media.
  • Do-It-Together: Art Practice in Open Community Spaces.
  • Zapping on Film! Deferred navigation in audiovisual staging of a media event

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