MADE.PT (critical design for growth and prosperity)


This group is primarily oriented to the production of design that embodies research; this research is aimed to be developed in line with the current European need for re-industrialization and with the symbolic and economic inclusion of Portuguese design in this expanded field.

This group is responsible for the development of the aforementioned funded project ‘CIDES.PT – Centre for Interpretation of Portuguese Design’.


Design Practice-led Research, Embedding Design in Innovation, Towards an Active Cultural Heritage, Critical Design Studies


MADE.PT will be organized in the following laboratories:

  1. Laboratory of Museology and Museography
  2. Centre for archive and interpretation of drawing
  3. LED Laboratory
  4. Services design in health Laboratory
  5. Communication Design Lab
  6. Product Design Lab
  7. Design Management Lab

Group Coordinator elected by the Scientific Committee, two-year renewable term;
Scientific Committee formed by all integrated members;
Project coordinators emerge out of the projects themselves, or if necessary, appointed by the SC;
Plenary: Periodic meetings with all the members of this group, are set at least twice a year.

Integrated members
Álvaro José Barbosa de Sousa
Ana Rita Moutinho Coelho
António Modesto da Conceição Nunes
Cláudia Regina da Silva Gaspar de Melo Albino
Francisco Maria Mendes de Seiça da Providência Santarém
Graça Maria Alves dos Santos Magalhães
Joana Maria Ferreira Pacheco Quental
Luis Miguel Marques Ferreira
Luís Filipe Leal Ferreira Mendonça da Fonseca
Luís Nuno Coelho Dias
Maria de Fatima Teixeira Pombo
Maria Helena Ferreira Braga Barbosa
Rui Carlos Ferreira Cavadas da Costa
Sandra Isabel Valente Antunes
Vasco Afonso da Silva Branco
PhD students
André Luiz Batista Abrahão
Cristiane Schifelbein de Menezes
Diogo Frias Riobom
Igor Ramos
Joana Ivónia
José Augusto Rodrigues de Sousa Coelho
José Miguel Carvalho Cardoso
Lígia Afreixo Ferreira Madureira da Silva
Liliana Merisa Carraco Neves
Maria Olinda Carneiro Martins
Raquel Bento Monteiro Gomes
Renata Arezes
Rita Maldonado Branco
Sandra Cerqueira Cruz
Silvina Luisa Rodrigues Félix da Silva
Syomara dos Santos Duarte Pinto
Valéria Boelter
Yago Weschenfelder Rodrigues
Other researchers
Ana Miriam Duarte Reis da Silva
António José de Jesus Gomes
Aurora Fernanda Guimarães Brochado e Silva
Eduardo Noronha
Dijon Moraes Júnior
João Manuel Nunes Tavares Nunes
Laís Guaraldo
Liliana Cristina Marques Soares e Aparo
Marlene Ferreira Ribeiro
Mécia Sara de Sá Ramos
Noémia Cristina Herdade Gomes dos Santos Ferreira
Paulo Alexandre Tomé Rosado Bago d ́Uva
Pedro Nuno Bandeira Maia
Raquel Balsa de Sousa
Renato Jorge Costa Lopes Bispo
Roberto Osvaldo Gerhardt
Tânia Sardinha Vieira
The study and interpretation (from a design perspective) of artefacts that offers a diachronic and multifaceted view of the development of Portuguese design throughout the 20th century; the digitalization and 2D/3D modelling of those objects and of the related visual and textual documents; the readability of this information using a new museographic discourse, both on the level of the interaction offered, and as means to adapt that information to the type of different media; the project of exhibitions and the publication of books about those artifacts, using in both initiatives new relations with the digital representations.

To establish the Centre for archive and interpretation of drawing. To produce knowledge from the technological response to the economic and social structures. This aims to be a projective response to community: contributing to innovation by using new conceptual models for experience improvement mainly focused on man-machine mediation, applied to interaction, or the experimental development of human-architecture interaction mediated by walls-screens. Health-wise: patient emporwerment and pro-active citizenship. To foster creative autonomy in organizations.


Some ongoing PhD Research:

  • Design strategies to cost reduction of food products packaging and brand design responsibility
  • From Natural Behavior to Post-digital Behavior,
  • Redesign of Products, Communication and NCP Service through the perspective of Design Vertical Integration.
  • Drawing the communication of knowledge: the role of expression in the information design.
  • Portugal Imagery: Design your visual Universe.
  • Epistemological Portuguese Design Museology .
  • Design in the participatory construction of inclusive materials for adolescents with special educational needs.
  • Paths of knowledge that are drawn playing. Interactive encyclopedia for deaf children, from 3 to 6 years.
  • Design as Territorial Marketing.