CCC {computation, communication, creation}


Production and implementation of structural computational models of explorative practices, primarily of artistic and technological nature; monitoring and interpretation of their potential, impact and paradigms.


Computation, Communication, Design, Aesthetics


Group Coordinator elected by the Scientific Committee, two-year term;
Scientific Committee formed by all integrated members;
Project coordinators nominated by the SC for each project;
Plenary Periodic meetings with all the members of the group.

Integrated members

Emília Maria Moreira Carneiro Dias da Costa Valle de Carvalho
Luísa Maria Lopes Ribas
Vasco Afonso da Silva Branco
Paulo Bernardino das Neves Bastos

PhD students

Horácio António Barbosa Tomé Marques
Mécia Sara de Sá Ramos
Pedro Jorge Couto Cardoso
Raul Pereira Pinto
Ricardo Manuel Coelho de Melo
Sara Daniela Bento Botelho da Silva

Other researchers

Ana Isabel da Silva Carvalho
André Rangel Macedo
João Miguel Azevedo de Menezes
Luís Miguel Simões Eustáquio
Miguel Marques Cardoso
Ricardo Lafuente Monteiro
Roxanne Alves Leitão

  •  Develop pure and applied research focused in the dynamics and the aesthetics of computational artifacts and in computational philosophy;
  • Support the research of group members, individual or in various internal and external collaborations;
  • Publish research results in book or journal formats;
  • Promote and organize academic and artistic events (conferences, exhibitions, performances, etc.);
  • Promote regular scientific meetings with the members of the group (and guests) with the goals of sharing ongoing research and designing collaborations and future research work;
  • Promote and develop collaborative research projects with international researchers and institutions;
  • Internationalize the results of research produced within the group.

Some ongoing PhD Research:

  • A study of information visualization and information design in the analysis of online news – For a model of the dynamics of action in videogames
  • Biological generative systems: production tools for personalization
  • The Serendipitous Web: Mechanisms and processes for designing online serendipity.