CAOS Communication, Art, Object and Synergies

[CAOS] Communication, Art, Object and Synergies, is a multidisciplinary research group, based at IPCA, that explores the synergies between the areas of art and design, namely visual communication, visual arts, audiovisuals and product design. It is aligned with the objectives of the research unit [ID+] in fulfilling the Polytechnic’s main mission in relation to the market and regional industry through knowledge dissemination and applied research, in a direct and committed relationship not only with the industrial fabric and markets but also with culture and the arts.
The group is focused on a local to global performance, adding value to its surroundings and having as its main objective contributing to the development of the territory. Despite the set of areas in which their members investigate, the focus is always on applied research in support of regional development, as with the examples of the projects previously developed by the group, as well as in a future perspective. At the moment, the execution of a SIAC project with the CIM of Cávado is being planned for execution throughout 2018 on capacity building of businesses and industry by Design, where a group of companies will be diagnosed and improvements will be proposed through the predominant activity of the group. We are simultaneously submitting an application to a CREATIVE EUROPE COOPERATION PROJECTS, in the field of textiles, one of the of the region’s main industries, in co-promotion with UAS of Limerick, Art and Design Faculty among other partners.
The impact of our intervention is, and will be, verifiable, mainly, at the level of the small and medium-sized enterprises that characterise our territory. We are focused on boosting internationalisation in the development of projects involving the market and industry, with research serving as an intermediary and mobilising force between companies and their foreign markets.
It is our mission to add value to locally produced products so they can thrive globally.
Design, industry and markets
Design, territory and crafts
Illustration and Animation
Digital Design
Paula Cristina Almeida Tavares

Group Coordinator elected by the Scientific Committee, two-year term;
Scientific Committee formed by all integrated members;
Project coordinators nominated by the SC for each project;
Plenary Periodic meetings with all the members of the group.

Integrated researchers (PhD)
Paula Cristina Almeida Tavares
Ana Catarina Vieira Rodrigues da Silva
Cristiana Rodrigues Serejo
Demétrio Matos
Manuel António Carneiro Gaspar de Melo Albino
Miguel Machado de Sá Abreu Terroso
Pedro Mota Teixeira
Susana Amélia Vieira Jorge
Integrated researchers (no-PhD)
António Manuel Rodrigues Ferreira
Jorge Fernando Teixeira Marques
Marta Alexandra da Cruz Madureira
Other researchers
Pedro Faria Sarmento
From regional to global
Innovation and competitiveness through Design, contributing to the entrepreneurial and industrial capacitation of regional scope, having in perspective a global vision of the reality.

Circular Design
Applied research supported in design methodologies, with the aims of promoting and achieving ecological sustainability in the broadest sense of the term: environmental, social and economic.

Scientific and technological knowledge transfer
Research and creation of ways of transferring knowledge between scientific and technological disciplines of different origins (interdisciplinarities) through Design methodologies and the heuristic potential of creativity in the relation between technology and art, having three domains of research, on the axis consisting of: industry, society, and culture.

Some ongoing PhD Research:

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CAOS’ defining element is its territorial support through research. In this regard we point out a set of local-to-global projects developed in the last years, that push the first through the value generating symbiosis between research and companies:

Project QREN Mobilizer “PT 21 – Powered Textiles for the XXI Century”,
29 partners, January 2011 – January 2015, No. 13848.
The “Medical Devices: Solutions for Bone Protection” sub-project was developed under the “PT 21 – Powered Textiles 21st Century” project. Teachers and researchers of IPCA, in partnership with the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, CITEVE and the textile company Fernando Valente. This project aimed at the design and development of a solution for physical protection and active assistance in falls, namely through a body suit with specific osteological pads protection and also technologies embedded in garments for the senior population. In case of a fall, in addition to the protection function, the system can trigger alerts, depending on the situation, and even notify via SMS to family member who is identified as responsible for the elderly, informing him of the exact GPS location. The solution developed promotes greater autonomy and safety for the elderly population, contributing to more active aging and, simultaneously, reducing the impact that falls on physiological, economic and social levels. ID + Researcher: Miguel Terroso

The project “Célia Celíaca – Gluten Free LifeStyle“.
It was awarded the 2nd place in the 8th edition of Poliempreende / Project PIN (Poli Entrepreneurship Innovation Network), part of the winning team was a master?s student of illustration and animation, Eve Ferretti, and Pedro Mota Teixeira. The project has in its origin a concern in disseminating and alerting to the problem of celiac disease and other food intolerances and allergies, as well as promoting a healthy lifestyle. Through the imaginative and humorous universe of the character, the project “Célia Celíaca – A GlutenFree LifeStyle” arose from the personal experience of the author Eve Ferretti in dealing with difficulties in managing her daily life as a celiac, and lack of information about the subject and the desire to exchange experiences with others who had the same problem.
At present it is a start up located at IPCA, in Barcelos, and since then it has been working with Portuguese-speaking countries, aiming at general internationalization through the English language.
ID + Researcher Pedro Mota Teixeira

Pronto, era assim“, a film by Joana Rodrigues and Patrícia Nogueira.
It was developed during a Master’s degree in Illustration and Animation, and was co-produced by Academia RTP and IPCA labs. This film is a documentary about aging and its challenges. Innovative and with a social impact that sheds light on the lives of older people.
The film has received several awards during the last years: Award from Público, Cortéx 2016, Sintra, Portugal; Honorable Mention