CAOS Communication, Art, Object and Synergies

Multidisciplinary research group that explores the synergies between the areas of art and design, focused on Visual Communication, Visual Arts, Audiovisuals and Product Design.

Aims to do applied research from local to global. Adding value to the market and industry through the dissemination of knowledge, in a direct and committed contact, not only with the enterprises/market but also with culture and the arts.

Paula Cristina Almeida Tavares

Group Coordinator elected by the Scientific Committee, two-year term;
Scientific Committee formed by all integrated members;
Project coordinators nominated by the SC for each project;
Plenary Periodic meetings with all the members of the group.

Integrated members
Ana Catarina Vieira Rodrigues da Silva
Carla Suzana Correia de Assuncao Dias
Cristiana Serejo
Demétrio Matos
Manuel Albino
Manuel Gilberto Freitas Santos
Maria João Félix
Miguel Terroso
Paula Cristina Almeida Tavares
Pedro Mota Teixeira
Susana Amélia Vieira Jorge
PhD students
Other researchers
Marta Alexandra da Cruz Madureira
From regional to global
Innovation and competitiveness through Design, contributing to the entrepreneurial and industrial capacitation of regional scope, having in perspective a global vision of the reality.

Circular Design
Applied research supported in design methodologies, with the aims of promoting and achieving ecological sustainability in the broadest sense of the term: environmental, social and economic.

Scientific and technological knowledge transfer
Research and creation of ways of transferring knowledge between scientific and technological disciplines of different origins (interdisciplinarities) through Design methodologies and the heuristic potential of creativity in the relation between technology and art, having three domains of research, on the axis consisting of: industry, society, and culture.

Some ongoing PhD Research:

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