About ID+

The Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture [ID+] is a multidisciplinary research structure anchored in three institutions: University of Aveiro (Department of Communication and Art) [UA /DeCA], University of Porto (School of Fine Arts) [FBAUP] and the Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave (School of Design) [IPCA / ESD]. ID+ was created at 2007 and started its funded operation in January 2009, after external review (the visit of the international panel occurred in February 2008) who assigned the rating of ‘Very Good’.
ID+ main research activities are in the fields of Design, Media, Art and other cultural areas, comprising (December 2017), 68 integrated members, 55 non-PhD integrated members, 31 PhD collaborators, and 18 collaborators.

Vasco Branco
Universidade de Aveiro
Vasco Branco
Heitor Alvelos
Universidade do Porto
Heitor Alvelos
Paula Tavares
Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e Ave
Helena Barbosa
Universidade de Aveiro
our mission

(1) To provide a symbolic qualification of artefacts in their several contextual scope (local, regional, european, lusophone, worldwide). This will be accomplished by enhancing the nature of cultural and technological mediation that characterises Design, while maintaining the social questioning and poetic innovation that art provokes;

(2) To root Design and Art at a structural level in the multidisciplinary definition of credible scenarios for sustainable growth and prosperity;

(3) To legitimize Design and Art as ethical premises of a demanding, critical and participating citizenship, fostering its appropriation and translatability at social, cultural and economic levels;

(4) To enquire and vouch for the contemporaneity of cultural heritage, overcoming the paradigm of a georeferenced identity in favour of a map of distinctive virtues.

our vision

(1) foster the excellency of our research in the fields of Design, Art, Media and Culture.

(2) contribute to the development of design and artistic research culture in Portugal, namely trough outcrossing with science;

(3) educate students at the highest artistic, cultural and scientific levels;

(4) stimulate innovation trough Design and Art within the territories and industrial sector.

main lines of expertise

i) Design;

ii) Media and Art Studies;

iii) Heritage and Museology;

iv) Communication and Information Sciences.

Design, artistic and scientific production

ID+ is one of the most productive research institutes in the country within Design and artistic fields. Between 2008-14 we have produced:

International context

Internationalization has been a key priority, as it embodies the necessary bridge between local capacitation and a broader sphere of reciprocal application and consultancy. As such, ID+ has been developing various fronts of international development that span the whole scope of intervention. We hereby present the fronts already in operation, as well as the prioritised prospective fronts. We will further pursue the potential and scope in both existing and prospective partnerships.

Network participation

  • UTAustin-Portugal consortium for advanced research in Digital Media, Advanced Computing, Mathematics, Emerging Technologies
  • DESIS, Network of Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability
  • Cumulus, International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media
Desire, Network of Creative Design for Innovation in Science and Technology
ICDHS, International Committee for Design History and Design Studies

Board memberships

Executive Board, the European Academy of Design
  • Board of Directors, Digital Media, UTAustin-Portugal
  • DESIS International Coordination Committee
  • Advisory Board, digital communities, Ars Electronica
  • European Fashion Heritage Network

Research and Academic Exchange
(Current priority with Lusophone networks)

  • Erasmus networks (MA + Staff Exchange)
  • Fulbright scholars Humboldt Innovation, Berlin

Conference Chairing and Organization by ID+

  • FuturePlaces (2008 – present)
  • Stories of Art and Science (2009)
  • Constructions Deviations Visualizations (2010)
  • DESIRE Network (2010)
  • European Academy of Design [EAD] (2001, 2011)
  • Images We Read (2013)
  • XCoaX (2013, 2014)
  • 2014 Spring Cumulus International conference “what’s on: cultural diversity, social engagement and shifting education (2014)
  • International Committee of Design History and Design Studies [ICDHS] (2012,2013,2014)
  • International Conference of Art, Illustration and Visual Culture in Infant and Primary Education [AICVEIP] (2012,2013,2014)
  • AVANCA | CINEMA, International Conference – Art, Cinema, Technology, Communication (2010-2014)
  • UD14, 3rd National Meeting of PhD in Design and 1st Iberic Meeting of PhD in Design, Univ. Aveiro (2014). Organized by PhD Design students that are members of ID+
  • III Congress Ergotrip Design: Design, Ergonomics & Human-Computer Interaction, Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil (partner)
  • ICLI 2014. INTER-FACE: 2nd International Conference on Live Interfaces. 19th to 23rd November, Lisbon (partner)

Editorial Boards
 / Advisory Boards

  • The Design Journal
  • The Poster
Crime Media Culture
  • Radical Designist
  • Eme: experimental illustration & design
  • LAV-Laboratory Visual Arts

Others (including preliminary contacts, prospective partnerships, one-off collaborations, etc)

  • MediaLab Prado
  • Brighton University, as leader of consortium bid recently approved by the UK AHRC
  • Imagination@Lancaster
  • International Pharmaceutical Federation
  • Phillips, Eindhoven
Senseable City Lab, MIT
  • BID, Madrid
  • CMU-Portugal
South By South West Interactive
  • South By South West Education
Participation in various Scientific Committees for International Conferences, 2008-present.
Knowledge transfer

ID+ will further pursue its current strategy of mediation of local needs, narratives and heritage, in order to rescue and enhance the intrinsic and potential value that is present in these contexts.

This value is foremost symbolic, but offers ample opportunities for commercial and replicable exploitation: from the aggregation of audiovisual documentation to brand recognition (both internal and projected outwards), from the reconfiguration of ancestral procedures in light of new technology to the replicability of specific practices of artisanship.

Various recent examples of work developed within ID+ already attest to the validity of these approaches. A sample may include:

PORTO 2.0 – Changing City, project Manobras no Porto.
Two-Cycle series of over 100 events of creative urban ethnography.

DOCUMENTAR O MANOBRAS (Documenting Manobras). In partnership with Porto City Council: Porto Lazer. Project collected and organised information, documentation, artefacts, processes and transformations stemming from the project Manobras no Porto.

Musicians community of STOP shopping centre, ongoing ethnography of the musicians community of STOP shopping centre.

RUAS DE CULTURA (Streets of Culture). In partnership with Montemor-o-Velho City Council.
Survey, analysis and diagnosis of the region and county; identification of international best practices, strategic brand analysis and development of a brand for the city and the creation of scenarios for the management, coordination of the space ‘work and live’ and the business incubator.

ART ON CHAIRS (partnership with Paredes City Council).
Project dedicated to promoting design among local furniture industries and local citizens. ID+ team was responsible for curating the following initiatives:

  • International Design Competition (449 participation from 37 countries);
More Design, More Industry (9 young designers residencies, tutored by seniors);
Stories of Chairs (participatory online archive of historical footage and contemporary narratives and events pertaining to the furniture industry)
  • Talks (series on the relationship between Design, Management and Industry);
  • design of most catalogues and exhibitions that took place in Paredes (2012).

In the 2nd edition (2014/2015) the ID+ team was responsible for curating the following initiatives:
 “Enjoying the Tejo” competition (by invitation) for urban furniture design, International Design Competition and program More Design, More Industry (young designers residencies, tutored by seniors
The last two initiatives resulted in the exhibition “The experience of being by Paredes” curated and designed by ID+ members, presented in Beijing (2014) and Paredes (2015). The winning projects of the competition “Enjoying the Tejo” were also prototyped by furniture companies from Paredes and exhibited in Cais do Sodré in Lisbon.

(foundation in 2008)